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Ep51: Let sLeeping Dogs Lie (re-release)


Travel to the world of old-time radio in our radio play, Let sLeeping Dogs Lie, originally released in November 2013.

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Ep50: Lost Cosmonauts


This entire ep may have been done as an excuse to post this image by Jeremy Geddes. Check out his work here.

Did the Soviet Union lose several cosmonauts in space… and cover it up? Join Brian as he investigates the Lost Cosmonauts on Inside Jobs!

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Ep49: Stalin’s Army of Apes


Did this man try to create an army of ape-men for Stalin?

Is Planet of the Apes rooted in a dark Soviet fantasy of Communist ape warriors attacking around the globe? Join Lee as he investigates Stalin’s Army of Apes! Read more…

Ep48: Numbers Stations


Across the shortwave dial, mysterious messages are broadcast by numbers stations. No one knows their purpose, but the eerie emissions have caused considerable speculation. Join Brian as he investigates Numbers Stations on this special microsode of Inside Jobs.

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Ep47: The Death of Elvis Presley

Elvis Home alone

“I made my family disappear.”

Elvis Aron Presley was a controversial figure in life and, in some ways, is even moreso in “death.” Join Lee Goldin in this Inside Jobs microsode as he investigates the mystery of Elvis Presley’s death.

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Ep46: The Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt

Did this man found an organization that now controls everything??????? And I’m not talkin about Jeff Bezos here!!!!!!!

A few months before the Declaration of Independence was signed, an underground cabal was formed in Bavaria which espoused many of the same beliefs as the Founding Fathers. However, this enlightened group was eventually outlawed for posing a threat to royalty in Europe, though many believe it has perpetuated to the modern day as a force that controls the world. Join Brian Lane and special guest Mark Thomas as they investigate The Illuminati on this episode of Inside Jobs.

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Ep45: The Cola Wars

Cola Wars

Soda, pop, coke, soft drink, cold drink and cola: whatever the name, carbonated beverages represent a $1.04 trillion global market, and soda companies have not shied away from spilling proverbial blood in fighting for that market. Join Brian, Gene, and Lee as they investigate the Cola Wars on Inside Jobs.

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